VFX supervision
flame, nuke

Franck began his career in Paris, working with prestigious companies such as Première Heure, Buf, and Sparks. His career then took him to Canada to work for Hybride, where he collaborated on several films, including Sin City and Robert Rodriguez's Spy Kids. In 2005, he joined MPC in London, where he specialized in advertising, an industry that would become his passion over the years. After several years as Executive Creative Director for The Mill Paris, Franck joined Rodeo FX as head of the Paris studio and VFX Supervisor in 2023.

Among his iconic projects, Franck Lambertz has collaborated with renowned directors such as Frederik Bond, Rupert Sanders, Damien Chazelle, François Rousselet and Cary Fukunaga, while leaving his mark on award-winning campaigns for prestigious brands such as Chanel, Perrier, Ubisoft and Jean-Paul Gaultier earning him recognition at Cannes Lions, AEAF and VES Awards among others.

Franck, whose artistic signature is characterized by a constant search for new challenges in a constantly evolving industry, is also recognized for his outstanding achievements, and the implementation of new initiatives with the opening of MPC Los Angeles in 2008, MPC Amsterdam in 2013, MPC Paris in 2015 and the creation of the French chapter of the VES (Visual Effects Society).