VFX supervision
flame, nuke

I am actually working at The Mill Paris as Executive Creative Director and VFX Supervisor, flame/nuke artist. I am co-chair of the VES French Section
I joined in 2005 MPC London after beeing a freelance for numerous years. I've been honored to work with many talented directors and creatives, such as : Adam Berg, Noam Murro, Ruper Sanders, Frederic Bond, Traktor, Patrick Daugthers, Fran├žois Rousselet, Joe Wright...

From 2008 to 2011, MPC entrusted me with the creation of MPC Los Angeles. It was a great time, in charge of the 2D team, I supervised and lead some very creatif project :

After some time at MPC Amsterdam, in 2015, it was the opening of MPC Paris. Since, MPC and Mikros joined and I am very proud to be part of this new venture. In 2021, Mikros MPC has been rebranded The Mill Paris.

Previously, I participated on different film project at Hybride in Canada. To name some of them : Sin City, Spy Kids or Art of War

I enjoy scripting, and I have a good knowledge of php/js and python.

I love being in charge of a project, creating an artistic piece with my team while facilitating the client requests without forgetting the goal :

........delivering before the the dead line within a budget.